Giftspot was started by Gail in 2005 after identifying a need for quality gifts, wrapped in imaginative ways with bows(too beautiful to throw away) all made exclusively for the gift.
Not only was there a need for these gifts in the South African market, but there was also a market for people overseas to send gifts to their family and friends locally for any occasion. Purchasing online is a hassle free way of buying a gift and having it
beautifully wrapped and delivered (to most areas in Johannesburg).

Gail has a vast amount of experience and expertise in purchasing and wrappings after more than 15 years in the gift business. Her lifelong hobby has been creative wrapping and she has collected interesting and unusual ribbons and wrappings since she was a child. Her presentations are unique and easily identifiable 

There are a variety of interesting and beautiful gifts for you to choose from and she will have gifts appropriate for most occasions. The gifts are reasonably priced with a large variety to choose from. Usually there are a few surprises that have not as yet reached the website.

Gail will assist you in all your decisions without you even coming in
(either telephonically or via email).